Edwin Jagger Safety Razor DE89 Chrome

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor DE89 Chrome

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The English company Edwin Jagger makes the DE89 as a useful safety razor that offers a close trim every time you use it. The razor offers a balanced body that keeps you comfortable with every use.

Edwin Jagger DE89 review

The smooth chrome handle on this razor gives you a comfortable grip for use. The handle is around 95mm long, although you can order a separate model with a short or long handle if you prefer. The 2.72-ounce weight on the handle is evenly laid out to keep the razor from being hard to carry around.

Double-edge or DE blades are utilized on this razor. The blades are designed to work in upward or downward positions for your convenience. You can use this for cases where you need to target precise or specific areas or for when you’re aiming to handle traditional strokes for your shaving needs.

The comb head is perfectly closed, although the process of adding new blades is easy to manage. You can insert a new blade into the base by using the locking mechanism on the inside. The design helps you to get your blade added in moments. You would open the top part of the comb head and then secure the double-edged blade into the middle part to keep everything aligned.

A beautiful chrome finish is included on this razor, although you can also order this in one of many other styles. You can find the razor in a rose gold or ebony style if you prefer to use this.

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