Hotteeze feet/toe warmers value pack of 5 pairs

Hotteeze feet/toe warmers value pack of 5 pairs

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These Hotteeze heat packs are designed to keep your toes nice and warm! Made to fit into men's and women's shoes, you can use them at footy matches stop your feet freezing in the stands, at outdoor weddings, skiing and fishing trips, or more. These warmers are also eco-friendly, made of formulated heat granules that can be tipped out onto your garden.

  • Head Pads designed to fit in shoes
  • Pack of 5
  • Max. Temperature: 39°C
  • Up to 6 Hours of Heat
  • Eco Friendly
  • Air activated
  • Self-Adhesive (sticks to socks)
  • Thin and Comfortable
  • Odourless
  • Dimension: 96mm x 70mm
  • Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association


  1. Open the packed and peel off backing
  2. Place the adhesive side of the pad ON THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR SOCK underneath your toes
  3. Use only inside shoes and limit contact with the open air to avoid excessive temperature increase. The pads will heat up gradually
  4. After use when completely cooled, you can cut the pouch and sprinkle the materials in your garden or pot plants, as contents are eco-friendly

Always read the instructions before use. NEVER STICK DIRECTLY ON TO SKIN.

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