Vapormed Vocano Medic 2

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VOLCANO MEDIC 2 is a TGA registered medical device. It is intended for inhalation of cannabinoids, the active ingredients from medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabis formulations suitable for VOLCANO MEDIC 2 include dried, milled cannabis flowers and liquid cannabinoids dissolved in alcohol. Administering cannabinoids via a vaporiser ensures a faster onset of effect, compared to ingestion. This Desktop Vaporiser can be used at home, in hospital settings and in medical practices (if permitted by establishments). Medicinal cannabis is a prescription medicine. Talk to your healthcare professional if you would like more information.

VOLCANO MEDIC 2 is Australia's only TGA Registered desktop vaporiser.

*This product is available in-store only and requires pharmacist intervention before purchasing. Please call the pharmacy on (03) 9510 1963 and speak to pharmacist Shannon who will decide if this product is suitable for you. This cannot be purchased online.

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